Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis

Welcome to the Bornscheuer group!


Our major research target is the development of tailor-made biocatalysts suitable for industrial applications.
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Overview of research activities

Access to biocatalysts

  • Identification of new biocatalysts by screening, e.g. from strain collections
  • In silico discovery of novel enzymes
  • Cloning and functional expression in suitable microbial hosts
  • Creation of tailor-made enzymes using directed (molecular) evolution and rational protein design
  • Commercial enzymes


  • Development of High-throughput-systems, e.g. robotic platform and microfluidics
  • Development & application of bioinformatic tools
  • Cloning, expression, purification, characterization of enzymes
  • Chemical syntheses
  • Chiral analysis (e.g. via gas chromatography or HPLC)
  • Process development (e.g. continuous enzymatic synthesis)

Enzymes studied

  • CAZymes
  • Plastic-degrading enzymes
  • Transaminases
  • Baeyer-Villiger- and P450-Monooxygenases
  • Esterases/Lipases
  • Others


  • Synthesis of optically pure compounds, e.g. for pharmaceutical applications
  • Degradation of algal polysaccharides using a toolbox of CAZymes
  • Degradation of plastics, e.g.PET
  • Modification of fats and oils, e.g. structured triglycerides


Prof. Dr. Uwe T. Bornscheuer
Dept. of Biotechnology & Enzyme Catalysis
Institute of Biochemistry

Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 4
D-17487 Greifswald

Telefon +49 (0)3834 420 4367


Kathrin Krassow

Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 4
D-17487 Greifswald

Telefon +49 (0)3834 420 4391

Telefax +49 (0)3834 420 4373

Email: kathrin.krassow(at)uni-greifswald(dot)de