Organic synthesis

  • All standard equipment for organic synthesis
  • Access to NMR, EA, IR, MS, MALDI-TOF

Biocatalysis / Enzymology

  • All standard equipment (Thermoshakers, Centrifuges, ÄktaPrime for protein purification etc.)

Molecular biology / Microbiology

CyFlow Space (Partec)
  • All standard equipment for work under 'S1-conditions' (Clean bench, autoclave, PCR's, agarose gel electrophoresis, polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, shakers, incubators etc.)
  • S2 laboratory
  • 5 Fermenters & French press & centrifuge
  • Flow cytometer with cell sorter

Analytical tools

Varioskan LUX (funded by EFRE)

Prometheus NT.48 (Nanotemper)
  • 2 GC-MS (one for chiral analysis)
  • 4 GCs (three for chiral analysis)
  • 4 HPLC (equipped with autosampler and UV-, Fluorescence-, Light-scattering- & chiral detectors)
  • Capillary electrophoresis (CE)


  • New (and very fancy!) integrated robotic platform. Further information here!
  • New colony picker (MolecularDevices, EFRE funded)
  • Pipetting robot (Tecan Miniprep 75) from Tecan
  • Several microtiter plate based fluorimeters (BMG Labtech,Thermo Scientific, Varioskan (EFRE funded, more information is here) and Varioskan LUX (EFRE funded, more information is here)
  • Microtiter plate based polarimeter
  • Prometheus NT.48 (Nanotemper)
Colony picker (EFRE funded)
Tecan Miniprep 75
Varioskan (EFRE-funded)
Fermenter unit (New Brunswick Scientific)