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Currently, I am looking for a PostDoc in Chemistry (with experience in photo chemistry or photo catalysis, if possible).

The website will be updated soon with details.




Vertiefungspraktikum, Bachelor- und Masterarbeit


Sie interessieren Sich dafür, wie Enzyme funktionieren und wie sie für chemische Synthesen eingesetzt werden können?

Eine Bachelor/Masterarbeit in unserem Arbeitskreis umfasst folgende Themenbereiche / Techniken:

  • Photokatalytische Reaktionen
  • Biokatalyse und reaction engineering
  • Neue Enzyme in Proteindatenbanken identifizieren
  • Protein-Engineering um Enzyme gezielt zu verändern, molekularbiologische Techniken (klonieren, exprimieren, mutieren)
  • Photometrische und chromatographischer Analytik entwickeln
  • Chemische Synthese von Produkt- und Substratstandards


!!! NEU (Januar 2023) !!!

Bachelor/Master thesis topic "Photoenzymatic cascades" within the research project «ComBioCat». We are looking for an interested candidate.

Aim: Development of green synthetic routes combining photochemistry (chemocatalysis) with enzymes (biocatalysis).

Tasks: The student will conduct research work on the development of photoenzymatic cascade reactions with a focus on studying and optimizing the compatibility between biocatalytic reactions and photochemical reactions.

Significance: If this main challenge is solved and the reactions are compatible to each other, they can be run in one pot and industrially useful chiral compounds can be prepared under mild and environmentally friendly conditions.


  • Interest in gaining research experience within an interdisciplinary field combining photochemical catalysis with enzyme catalysis
  • Good understanding of basic organic chemistry mechanisms and high motivation for learning and progressing
  • Eager to combine alternative approaches and become creative for solution-finding

Main techniques / tasks:

  • Protein expression and purification
  • Development of photometric and instrumental analysis, e.g. gas chromatography
  • Stability studies with the biocatalysts
  • Reaction engineering of photocatalytic and biocatalytic reactions
  • Study of one-pot reactions
  • Biocatalyst screening for product scope understanding
  • Literature research


The project can be further adapted to the candidate’s scientific interests and the focus of the project will be decided upon discussion with the candidate.

If you are interested in having more information, contact us via e-mail at: maria.logothetiuni-greifswaldde